By Sulaimon Sheriff

Residents of Maitama, a highbrow area in Abuja, have raised alarm over what they described as an explosion in the area.

In a series of tweets via X on Wednesday, some residents said the sound emanated from a nearby dump site.

According to an X user, A Y Rafindadi, two men sustained various degrees of injuries.

He said: “A truck came to pick up BPE trash, whilst they were in the process of emptying the second trash can, an explosion occurred, I was merely 4 mts away from the explosion (on that pavement) when it happened. 2 men where injured rushed to the hospital. & my windscreen was shattered.

Another X user, King Ray, said: The explosion is actually from a burning dump site. Probably there are empty gas cylinders in the refuse which might have triggered the explosion but definitely not a bomb.”

Similarly, Serah Ibrahim said the explosion might have been due to a possible gas leakage.

However, Abiodun Sanusi dismissed claims of an explosion in Maitama.

“There was a bang in a street in Maitama, and a sudden loud, sharp noise was caused by an eruption from a metallic waste bin that has been heated by the sun (solar radiation). Police EOD were deployed, and no problem.”

The Police was yet to release a statement on the incident as at the time of writing this report.