By Rahman Taofeeq

The Oyo State Government has warned residents of the state to ignore a news trending on the social media about Governor ‘Seyi Makinde approving the sum of N20,000 as 2024 Ramadan Support Fund.
The state government urged residents to be wary of fraudsters, noting that the report did not emanate from any arm of the government and is without any basis.
The report, which is being circulated on social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, claimed that Governor Makinde approved the fund due to high level of inflation, economic hardship and high cost of feeding.
It added that the sum of N20,000 was approved to ease some of the financial burdens that individuals may face during Ramadan, urging people to apply on a particular strange website.
But the state government declared that the governor did not approve such fund and that the state would never do any such thing in obscurity, as Governor Makinde’s administration has been known for transparency and openness.
It warned unsuspecting members of the public not to fall into the hands of unscrupulous elements seeking to profit from the current economic situation in the country.
The statement reads: “The attention of the Oyo State Government has been drawn to a trending piece of fake news that Governor Makinde has approved N20,000 Ramadan 2024 Support Fund.
“The purveyors of the said fake news also put up a strange website where they urged residents to apply for the bogus fund.
“Please note that there is no ongoing N20,000 Ramadan Support Fund and that the piece of news did not originate from Oyo State Government.
“Governor Makinde has been running an open and transparent government and whatever intervention the government deems fit to add to already-existing measures to cushion the effects of economic hardship on residents of the state will not be done in obscurity. All residents of the state will be informed through the official channels of information and not some fraudulent but widely circulated piece of news like the one on the Ramadan Support Fund.
“Kindly be cautious so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters seeking to rip off unsuspecting people of their hard-earned resources.”
Sulaimon Olanrewaju
Special Adviser (Media) to Oyo State Governor
March 14, 2024.