Paul Okoye of the P-Square duo has been popular for many years now and has been a staple in the music industry over the years. During a new interview, Paul Okoye expresses 3 worries he has about the current state of music and songs being released. Here’s what he had to say.

First, speaking about how music doesn’t last anymore, Paul Okoye said:

PAUL OKOYE: Nowadays, I know what’s happening in the music industry, music is lasting only three months, four months. It’s not fair what you guys are doing to yourselves because in the long run, years to come, it will fade totally.

Then secondly, speaking about the lack of lyrical content, Paul Okoye said:

PAUL OKOYE: I’m not saying today’s music does not have message but I think these days we’re focusing on the producers and the sound, the beat. But lyrically, nah. Some people are trying, but it needs to be improved.

Finally, talking extensively about his general problems with the new age of music and the kinds of songs people are making, Paul Okoye said:

PAUL OKOYE: Music today for some people is ‘omo, this is a new way, this is a new style, this is what everybody is doing, everybody is following a particular trend.’ I can tell you that the days of proper good music with message are virtually leaving. And those kinds of songs, parents are comfortable to play it in front of their kids. I can guarantee you that 80% of songs now, some parents will not even like their children to play that song. That is what is lacking. If your song is just there for the ages of 18 to 23, those songs will be comfortable for you as Gen Z, but when you start getting to 30, 35, you’ll start having kids and I guarantee you won’t play those songs for your kids. So there, the artiste who sang that song will not have longevity and will start losing touch. The song will not be evergreen, because the parents have dumped the song somewhere maybe trying to listen to more mature music so that their kids will grow along with it.

What do you think about what Paul Okoye said? Do you agree, disagree?

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