Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, has advised men to redefine the narrative of marriage and relationships by opting not to marry poor women.

He made this known on his Instagram story on Monday, where he bemoaned the rate at which women continue to place financial expectations on guys before they even date or get married.

He further encourages men to shift the narrative by striving for financial success and seeking similarly affluent partners.

His words: “The rate at which they keep saying man must be this financially. Money bla bla bla before getting married or into relationship is alarming.

“Dear kings!! Change the narrative, chase money, make money and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle.”

Reacting, Veevogee said, “A hardworking man deserve a hardworking woman. Iron sharpeneth Iron..

Pr_tty_an_gel said, “He who finds a girlfriend in Nigeria has automatically adopted an orphan.

Chyddo said, “If according to the society a broke man doesn’t deserve love or relationship, a rich man also shouldn’t be policed on who to love to be in a relationship with. You can’t make a broke man look miserable and then try to hold down the rich man.”