The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ibadan South West/North West Federal Constituency is gearing up for the upcoming Local Government Election. The federal constituency campaign is set to kick off at noon on Tuesday at Molete Junction with an aim to rally support and engage with the community.

The PDP has always been a strong political party in the Ibadan South West/North West Federal Constituency, and this campaign is no different. The party is determined to showcase its commitment to the people and present its vision for the two local governments.

The campaign rally will serve as an opportunity for the PDP to connect with the residents, listen to their concerns, and address the issues that matter most to them. It will be a platform for the party’s candidates to present their plans and strategies for development and progress in the constituency.

The PDP understands the importance of grassroots politics and the need to involve the community in decision-making processes. This campaign aims to create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and every opinion matters.

During the campaign, the PDP candidates will highlight their track record of service and their dedication to improving the lives of the constituents. They will emphasize the party’s commitment to good governance, accountability, and transparency.

In addition to engaging with the residents, the PDP campaign will also focus on mobilizing supporters and encouraging voter registration. The party believes that active participation in the electoral process is crucial for a thriving democracy.

The PDP’s campaign team has been working tirelessly to organize the event and ensure a successful launch. They have planned various activities, including speeches, door-to-door visits, and community engagements, to reach as many people as possible.

As the campaign kicks off at noon on Tuesday, the PDP in Ibadan South West/North West Federal Constituency is poised to energize the community and garner support for the upcoming Local Government Election. The party’s candidates are ready to showcase their vision and work towards a brighter future for the constituency.

The PDP’s commitment to the people and its focus on grassroots participation make it a formidable force in the political landscape of Ibadan South West/North West. The campaign launch will mark the beginning of an exciting journey towards positive change and progress as the party candidates in the two local governments of the federal constituency will get the party flag.

The federal constituency campaign committee under the leadership of Dr Akin-Fagbemi Stephen hereby welcome everyone to this important day in the history of Ibadan South West/North West Federal Constituency.