By Sulaimon Sheriff

The Director-General of the Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency, Oludolapo Eso-Ajanaku, issued a stern warning on Wednesday to all outdoor advertising practitioners in the state to stop using substandard materials for constructing advertising infrastructures like billboards, eye-catchers, and uni-poles.

He gave this warning during the on-site inspection conducted by the agency’s monitoring and enforcement team within Ibadan, the state capital.

Eso-Ajanaku expressed dissatisfaction with the recurring incidence of advertising structure collapses, thereby posing serious hazards to road users and the public.

The DG stressed the need for the practitioners to adhere strictly to the usage of high-quality construction materials and standards to ensure the safety and integrity of installed billboards.

He said, “The safety of our citizens and the reliability of our advertising infrastructures are paramount.

“OYSAA is dedicated to enforcing laws and regulations against the use of substandard materials in the erection and maintenance of advertising structures to protect public safety and maintain order in the state.

“Any negligence of advertising infrastructure by practitioners could result in significant fines and potential site revocation.”

Eso-Ajanaku, therefore, commended the collaborative efforts of the state Road Traffic Management Agency and other government safety and security agencies in restoring normalcy to the affected areas in the city of Ibadan.