It’s not my fault, that’s how we are.

It’s our culture and tradition.

Infact, there’s nothing as sweet as that part of the human body.
I can bet you on this.

Whenever we get the opportunity, we pounce on humans, and struggle to find a way to their heart.

Once we get the heart, we share it among ourselves, and we do not stop until we have successfully shredded the heart into smaller pieces, enough for each of us to taste.

The unfortunate thing, is that these humans who are not from our village are not aware of how we operate.

We lay in wait for them in bushes by the roadside, and the most unpredictable sites, where they finally become victims.

Of course, we’re a tribe, and we stay here in Nigeria.

We also have relatives outside the country.
I wouldn’t be wrong to say we’re everywhere.

Our mother is a professional heart devourer.
She knows exactly where it is and how to get it.

Once she stretches her hands towards their chest region, that’s it!

She would invite us as well to come and partake in the meal, and we would devour it.

I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier.
I’m not a beast like you already think.

I’m actually Lust. Yes, that’s my name, and I have two younger brothers, Addiction and Porn.
We have many cousins too.

Our mother, Immorality, is our cheer leader, and each day, we hide in unsuspecting sites like those videos you watch online, and the ones you have in your phone.

Once the time is due, we come out, pounce on your heart, and devour it.

My brother Addiction, can be dangerous, so watch out for him.

Our target is your heart, and if you don’t guard it diligently like your master asked you to, we may be tempted to do what we know how to do best.

Remember, we devour hearts.

We have hideouts.

We hide in erotic novels, movies, pictures, and even in the bodies of seductive women.

We’re not so bad, we’re only spirits of doom sent to kill, steal, and destroy and our hometown is Hell.

Don’t blame us if we get your heart, it would only mean that you failed to guard it.

We’re everywhere!

Be at alert!


©️ Rejoice S. James