The Federal government of Nigeria through the federal ministry of education has suspended accreditation of the degrees acquired from Republic of Benin and Togo Universities after and investigation by a Nigerian Journalist Umar Audu uncovered a syndicate who gives out degrees im 6 weeks…

The Investigative Reporter who served im Osun in 2018 had remobilized in 2023 and camped in Cross River State during his underground work.

Umar Audu a friend of this Reporter served at the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation OSBC Tv news department under veteran Journalist Moshood Suleiman and did well during the one year mandatory scheme.

His Investigation further exposes the failure of NYSC to curb double service as Umar was never detected during his Investigation.

Umar Audu Writes,

” Between November 26 and December 15, 2023, I traveled to Enugu, Cross Rivers, and Kano States to round up a major investigative story I had been working on since December 2022.

This undercover report beamed searchlight on how some Nigerians, through syndicate, obtained substandard degrees from Cotonou and Togo, without attending classes nor traveling outside the shores of Nigeria.

Through this illegally acquired certificate, I reapplied for NYSC despite participating in the mandatory national service in 2018–2019 in Osun State.

My investigation revealed that the NYSC lacks a database to flag anyone who attempts to participate multiple times.

This fraudulently acquired certificate is used to secure lucrative jobs, contest and win elective positions, and earn unmerited promotions in both the private and public sectors.

While those who burn several nights to attain academic excellence languish in joblessness and hopelessness.

Today, I’m extremely excited that the report has been published by Daily Nigeria after one year.

I’m grateful to my boss and Editor-in-Chief, Jaafar Jaafar , for giving me the nudge to write this awesome story and standing by me in every step of the way.

I hope the authorities concerned will use this latest work to curb the menace of ‘TOKUMBO DEGREE’, which rubbishes our educational system, encourages fraud and mediocrity.

P.S I appreciate the feedbacks so far, I’m overwhelmed already.”