By Sulaimon Sheriff

In response to the Bodija incident in Ibadan, the Oyo State Government has taken swift action by setting up an Emergency Situation Room led by Professor Temitope Alonge. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing, and the government has urged residents to stay away from the site while providing emergency contact numbers for assistance.

The statement seen on the official page of the Oyo State Government reads:

“Situation Report on the Bodija, Ibadan Incident

The Oyo State Government has set up an Emergency Situation Room for the Bodija Incident led by Professor Temitope Alonge, to coordinate the ongoing response to the incident.

Search and rescue efforts at the site of the incident continued overnight. Updates from the Emergency Situation Room will be publicised through official government accounts and media channels. The contact numbers for the Situation Room are 07049948057 and 08147672009.
Residents are advised to stay away from the site of the incident and call 615 free of charge for emergencies in Oyo State.”