Oluyole Security Surveillance Team (OSST) has uncovered apartments in Fatusi, and Shagari areas of the Oluuole local government serving as a hideout for serving as a hideout for serving as a hideout for suspected members of O’dua Nation Agitators.

The discovery followed a tip-off received from the residents after the Agitators attempted to seize the Oyo state government secretariat on Saturday morning.

The local security outfit, which was established around July 2021, on the Oluyole Local Government, the Executive Chairman of the council, Hon Popoola Olaide Settle” initiatives with the support of Area Division of Police launch the attack on the suspected members of the Agitators at Shagari and Fatusi
at intervals with several items recovered.

According to information gathered by westerndailynews.com, it was learned that, the Agitators who escaped at the State secretariat yesterday after the state security personnel foiled their attempt to hijack the state house regrouped at their hideouts to change location.

OSST members while giving the details of the attack on the Agitators said they caught them in the act while fleeing with their items.

According to videos captured at the scene by Office of the Digital Media to
Oyo state governor, some items seen recovered from the Agitators include military camouflage, bulletproof jackets, Torch Light, Generators, Megaphones, Standing Fans, and other items.