Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has exuded unwavering confidence in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State as the Party prepares for the forthcoming local government council elections. Addressing a spirited crowd at a campaign and flag presentation ceremony held at Ido local government, the Governor assured party members and supporters of the PDP’s strong chances to secure victory in all 33 local government areas, as well as the positions of 351 Councillors available in Oyo State.

During the event, Governor Makinde took the opportunity to officially present the party’s flag to the chairmanship candidate, Hon. Sheriff Adeojo, and the vice chairmanship candidate, Barr. Olayemi Oluwashina.

The Governor’s strong address to the opposition also carried a resolute message to opposition parties, emphasizing that the PDP maintains firm control of the state and is committed to upholding its dominance under his leadership.

The Governor said it unequivocally that the members of the oppositions should “WAIT FOR THEIR TIME” which may never come in the next decade as explained by the Governor.

In emphasizing the need for unity within the party, Governor Makinde underscored the importance of effectively managing any internal disagreements within the government while highlighting the significance of presenting a cohesive front as the local government elections draw near.

The campaign, meticulously organized by the state working committee of the PDP, was graced by prominent party officials, including Hon. James Olukunle, Alh. Wasiu Adeleke, Hon. Muftau Ogunremi, Hon. Dayo Opatokun, and Hon. Micheal Ogunsina, among others. Additionally, top government officials such as Hon. Segun Olayiwola, Hon. Rasaq Mabaje, Hon. Ilyas Adeojo, Hon. Yemi Taiwo, and several others lent their unequivocal support to the campaign, signifying a unified front in the pursuit ofelectoral success.

In a separate development, the PDP also presented the party’s flag to the chairmanship and vice chairmanship candidates for Oluyole local government, Engr. Akeem Olatunji and Hon. Akorede Adeniyi. The deputy state chairman of the party commended the peaceful atmosphere in Oluyole and urged all stakeholders to collaborate in ensuring the resounding success of the party’s candidates in the upcoming elections.

The campaign in Oluyole witnessed the presence of esteemed political and government officials, including Hon. Popoola Settle Olaide, Hon. Mogbonjubola Mojeed, Hon. Waheed Akintayo, Hon. Dikko Salami, and Hon. Olumide Akinlade, Traditional rulers, religious leaders, market leaders, and artisans also demonstrated their unwavering support, underscoring the widespread backing for the PDP’s candidates in the region and the depth of grassroots support for the party’s vision.

As the local government elections draw near, the PDP’s campaign efforts continue to gain momentum, with a strong display of unity and support from both party members and influential figures across various local government areas. The fervor and commitment exhibited at these campaign events signal the party’s resolute determination to secure victory and maintain its stronghold in Oyo State, setting the stage for a compelling electoral contest that resonates with the aspirations of the people.

The resounding energy and unity displayed at these campaign events underscore the PDP’s unwavering commitment to engaging with the electorate, addressing their concerns, and presenting a compelling vision for the future of Oyo State. The party’s robust campaign machinery, coupled with the overwhelming show of support from diverse segments of the society, indicates a formidable electoral force that is poised to shape the political landscape in the upcoming local government elections.

In the build-up to the elections, the PDP’s campaign strategy is marked by a deep commitment to grassroots mobilization, community engagement, and the articulation of policies and programs that resonate with the aspirations of the people. The party’s unwavering dedication to inclusivity, transparency, and good governance is evident in the broad-based support it has garnered across various local government areas, reflecting a groundswell of popular sentiment in favor of the PDP’s agenda for progress and development.

As the electoral contest gathers momentum, the PDP remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the principles of democracy, promoting inclusive governance, and delivering on its promises to the people of Oyo State. The party’s resounding message of unity, progress, and prosperity resonates deeply with the electorate, setting the stage for a compelling electoral showdown that will shape the future trajectory of local governance in the state.

Micheal Oluwaseun Ogunsina,
Ag. Publicity Secretary, Oyo State PDP.