I think It’s time to share my experience so nobody falls victim again.

Ladies, you need to be careful. This guy was very active on my wall, commenting on anything that concerns me. I loved his vibes.

On his birthday, he wished I hang out with him even if it was for 30mins.
Because I don’t like meeting people, especially online, that decision was very hard for me. After several thoughts, I accepted because it was his birthday lemme make it beautiful for him at least.

I told him not to pick me, I will find my way. I arrived at the restaurant, One thing I do each time I arrive at a place is to observe my environment very well.

I could recognize him quickly because he looked exactly like the person on his DP. Another guy was seating on the driver’s side discussing with him.

So I dial his number, he came out of the car and saw me. So we entered the restaurant, I gave him the present I got for him.

He offered me a lot which I declined. I hardly take things on a date, hang out, or meet except we are close enough in real life.

I noticed his unhappy face because I declined all he offered, I felt for him. So I decided to take a bottle of coke. he ordered something for himself.

While he was eating, the waitress over the counter called his attention and dropped the bill note containing the transfer account details. I looked around, there was no other waiter in sight, so I got up to pick up the note.

I came back to my seat and noticed my drink bubbling. You know how it is to drop something inside a carbonated drink. So he quickly requested the bill note to do the transfer, a means to divert my attention.
I relaxed as if nothing happened, I started bringing on topics for discussion so I can take a little time before I leave…

He noticed that I wasn’t taking the drink anymore, he urged me to take the drink so he can order more. I told him I was satisfied already. He persisted but I told him I was badly belching already. I told him never to worry, that I will pay for the drink.

So I brought out my phone and faked a distress call. After pretending on the phone for up to 5 minutes. I told him that I will have to go and that the people I left before coming are on my neck.

I begged him to permit me. He told me that he didn’t like what I did to the drink he offered me, he can only be happy if I finish up the drink.
I took the coke, covered it, and told him that I will finish it at home. I patted his back, still, he was protesting.
He escorted me out. He told me to join them so they can drop me off.
thanks to God, a bike Just dropped somebody. I mounted on the bike.

While the bike man was driving out, he moved to the car where the other guy was waiting and was telling him something.

When I got to my place, I went to the messenger to thank him for the drink. I could no longer see his account. Everything was white. I called the number he gave me, but it was no longer going.
Up till today, that number never connected again.

You need to be careful with all this “when am I seeing you, I’ll like to meet you..” most of them are not genuine. No matter how close you are with anybody here online, please be careful.
They can do anything to have you!.👌

It’s true that 99% of people following me here, do not know me. They have never met me before but I so much value them. I appreciate these friends of mine on this space❤️👌

May Allah continue to protect us from Frenemies🤲

©️ Haj Teepha