By Sulaimon Sheriff

Seasoned Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti has shared a troubling insight concerning the state of marriages in Nigeria.
According to her, 85% of Nigerian women express the desire to leave their marriages.

The actress acknowledged in a recent interview that cultural differences are the main reason most couples struggle in marriage.

Jaiye Kuti’s personal ordeal reflects a similar sentiment, as she admitted to attempting to terminate her marriage on three occasions.

Expanding on her perspective, she asserted that men, in contrast, often find it seemingly effortless to end a marriage, driven by their self-serving inclination to engage in infidelity.

She said: “If you ask a hundred women, 85% wants to exit their marriage. I even tried to leave like thrice. The issue is when you marry someone from a different tradition and when a man wants to get married, he would treat and pamper a woman well but the second marriage and children are involved, everyone will start to show their true colours. Also, men can be egocentric in nature; and also can’t be stopped from cheating.

Credit : The Nation Newspaper