Dear Party Members, Leaders and Stakeholders of the PDP in Ibadan South East/Ibadan North East Federal Constituency

It has come to the attention of the Party, the shenanigans and public ridicule currently in play in Ibadan South East/ Ibadan North East Federal Constituency where some members from the federal constituency subject the Leaders in the Party and Political Office Holders from the Party to ridicule both online and offline.

It is critical to note that the leadership of the Party will no longer tolerate any form of abuse, insult, denigration, character defamation of any of our leaders, Stakeholders, elected and appointed officers.

Henceforth, all members in Ibadan South East/Ibadan North East Federal Constituency should be strictly guided and warned.

We strongly warn all media influencers, bloggers and article writers to use their talents to promote the Party rather than tear the party apart as we will not hesitate to remove bloggers, media professionals and influencers who err.

The party will mobilize all its machineries to take necessary actions against anyone caught flouting this order, irrespective of their positions in the party.

The party is bigger than all of us and it is why the party leadership would not fold its arms and watch its image gets soiled in infantile ruckus

Enough is Enough!

Thank you.

Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke
Oyo State PDP secretary