Some relatives of the former Chairman of the Park Management System, PMS, Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila aka Auxiliary have revealed how he was arrested saying some masked security men whisked him away.

Two women in a viral video explained how the former NURTW boss was rounded up by the security agents.

According to one of the women who backed the camera while speaking, those who came to arrest him did not identify themselves before carrying him away.

She nareates

“One of his junior brothers called me that they have arrested Papa without doing anything. He told me that Papa was busy enjoying himself at the table there.”

“Then, one of his boys who happens to be my child saw a black unidentified security van and said, “are these not DSS men?”

“Before Papa(Auxiliary) lifted up his head, the masked men had cornered him. When Papa saw them, he didn’t run away since there is no skeleton in his cupboard. It is someone who has done a bad thing that should be afraid.”

“As he wanted to go upstairs, one of his boys was trying to shield him but the security men moved faster to stop him. They took him into a waiting van. The van has no number plate or any inscriptions on it. They took him away without telling us where they were taking him to.”

“This is not fair now. How should they arrest an innocent man?” she said.

ClickNews reports that the PMS boss was arrested by DSS men on Tuesday afternoon.

Auxiliary had been declared wanted since June 2023 year after combined security agents allegedly got the hint that he wanted to cause breakdown of law and order in the state.

However, his arrest happened after his alleged “bad interview” with a Radio presenter in Ibadan goes viral.