By Rahman Taofeeq
Oyo State governor, ‘Seyi Makinde, has congratulated the Muslim Ummah in the state and across Nigeria on witnessing Eid-el-Kabir 2024.
The governor, who felicitated the Muslims in a statement on Saturday, gave thanks to Allah SWT for another opportunity to witness the important festival.
He called on Muslims to use the opportunity to rededicate themselves to the service of Allah SWT and for doing good to humanity.
He equally charged them to use the occasion to make more supplications to Allah SWT for continued peace and prosperity in Nigeria and Oyo State.
He said: “Today, I felicitate my Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of 2024 Eid-al-Adha.
“It is another wonderful opportunity from Allah SWT to make sacrifices, pray and make merry. To Him belong all praises.
“As we celebrate, we must not lose sight of the lessons of the season.
“Muslims must take to heart the lesson in Quran 22:37 that; ‘Neither their meat nor blood reaches Allah. Rather, it is your piety that reaches Him. He has subjected them to you so that you may proclaim the greatness of Allah for what He has guided you to, and give good news to the good-doers.’
“Therefore, I urge them to rededicate themselves to the service of Allah And to seeking the good of humanity and our society.
“As I have always said, our administration appreciates the support and prayers of the Muslim Ummah over the last five years.
“But we desire more support and prayers, because the times we are in demands that we give more; more sacrifice, more prayers and more patriotism to our state and country.
“It is my prayer that Allah SWT will accept our worship and reward our efforts.
“Eid Mubarak.”
Moses Alao
Special Assistant (Print Media) to Oyo State Governor
June 15, 2024.